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Story of Russian Wood Dildos

Meet the history of birth and production of Russian Wood Dildos.

Know ancient traditions which brings you pleasure, health, good luck and success!

Unfortunately modern civilization ruins most of the ancient traditions. It is pitiless to all what our ancestry knew about beauty and health. Pulvises, pills and creams force all ancient know-how out. But in the very heart of Russia, in Siberia, we found a village that still keeps Old Russian traditions. We managed to see alive the unique traditions archeologists try to dig out. This Russian village kept the technology of carving wood DILDOs and charging them with positive energy giving luck in love, business success, and good health. And now you can have a part of ancient Russian knowledge.

The horrors of civilization

We tried to keep the way of life and traditions of the village, protecting its citizens of adverse modern culture impact. We decided not to bring modern equipment and electricity to the village. That is why wood DILDOs are hand-made and the quantity is limited.

Every DILDO is hand-carved only by young men over 20 years old. DILDOs are carved only from solid species of wood. Mainly we use oak. The secret of wood choice is kept by the village elder. There is a special established order which has to be kept by the village elder before they go to taiga to look for a right tree. And not any tree can be taken. They have to cut a certain age tree, in a certain season and in a certain place to equip DILDO with positive energy. Only the elder of the village possess the knowledge. The secret is carefully kept and handed down from generation to generation in centuries.

Young man at work,
Young man at work

When cut tree is delivered to the village, it is sawn into separate bricks. Cuttings are usually collected and dried carefully. After that young men over 20 take the bricks. And each of them starts carving DILDO. Carving process can take them from one up to four weeks, depending on bricks they chose and on their skills. Finished DILDO is carefully sanded. During 3-14 days masters sand and polish DILDOs with squirrel skin. To polish up one DILDO they use from 10 to 20 squirrel skins. And when the DILDO is ready, a young man starts patterning it with paints made out of natural products. Design of a pattern depends on the DILDO purpose.

Youth at work, video

When the pattern is ready, DILDO is covered by a special resin and has to dry for several days. The secret of paint composition and protective cover is kept by Velikanovo elder. Scientific research shows that DILDO cover is resistant to attrition, anointing and humidity, significantly prolong life of DILDO. Velikanovo women use DILDOs during their lifetime, and when they are old, their DILDOs still look new and shiny. Scientists tried to learn the exact composition of paint and cover, but they failed even with the usage of modern equipment.

After protective cover dries up, young masters sand them again till final smooth.

Finished Russian Wood Dildo
Finished Russian Wood Dildo. Find more here

When DILDOs are sand up, the village elder took all of them and go to taiga for 14 days accompanied by brave men. In taiga they charge DILDOs with positive energy, which in future has to bring DILDOs owner success, luck and love. Those men, who accompany the elder, have to find food, water and protect them from wild animals.

The Velikanovo historical review

Velikanovo village is situated in the very heart of Russia, in Siberia, in 300 km from town Kyzyl. There are no roads near the village, that was why civilization did not reach Velikanovo.


According to local chronicles written in Old Slavonic, Velikanovo was founded by Old Russians, who tried to shelter in Siberia from Tatar invasion.

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